Press Release: Niftibits Software Releases PixelWhimsy

Seattle, WA, USA – 1 Jan, 2008 -- Niftibits Software today announced the release of PixelWhimsy, a software toy for all ages.

What is PixelWhimsy?

In a nutshell, PixelWhimsy is a digital sandbox for kids of any age. It creates a safe play environment that allows children to explore and experiment with color, sound, physics, and more. It is a software toy, which means it has no rules, no points, no critical path. Anyone of any ability can use it to discover, create, and have fun. PixelWhimsy is safe and easy for toddlers to use, and yet sophisticated enough for older children, teenagers, and adults to enjoy.

PixelWhimsy functions primarily as an animated painting program. The user can draw on the screen with the mouse, using either standard colors or animated colors that shimmer, shift and glide. The keyboard also comes into play, exposing a rich set features that create sound and alter the image in dynamic and interesting ways. Every single key is programmed to play a unique sound and activate a unique feature. Just some of the many features include: changing the shape of the brush, launching fireworks, simulated bees, and activating whole-screen psychedelic animation effects.

Usability for very young children is one of the primary features of PixelWhimsy. Toddlers who want to use the computer will often pound randomly on the keyboard, which means they can accidentally close the application, and that leaves them free to possibly delete or alter files on the computer’s desktop. PixelWhimsy carefully controls mouse and keyboard input so that it is impossible to exit the program unless the user types in a simple exit code. This code, which can be set by a parent, is something easy for an adult to type, but difficult for a toddler, so little ones can safely press whatever keys they desire. PixelWhimsy can also be configured as a playable screensaver, so children can play it without having to “log in” to mom and dad’s computer.

It is the interactive combinations that give PixelWhimsy its unique character. Every key truly does something crazy and unique, and because the functions all affect the same graphical space, users can create an infinite number of unusual drawing environments. For instance, one key activates a “game of life” mode where the pixels live and die by following simple rules. With this activated, the user can draw on this animated canvas, creating populations of new pixels to live and interact with those already on the screen. In another mode, the user can start a rain storm that slowly blurs and washes away the contents of the screen to make impressionistic water color drawings. Dozens of animations can be combined in virtually limitless combinations.

PixelWhimsy is US$19.95 shareware, with discounts for educators and other bulk purchasers. It is available from www.pixelwhimsy.com and major shareware ftp sites.

System Requirements: Any PC running Windows XP or Windows Vista.

Major Features

• A learnable interface that is easy and safe to use for small children, infants, and toddlers
• Many graphics and sound functions that offer infinite and interesting combinations for play.
• A graphical user interface for more advanced users
• "Fun Keys" to enable easy access to popular and interesting feature combinations
• Screensaver mode (playable or standard)
• Windowed/Full screen modes
• Easy configuration

What Other People Have Said About PixelWhimsy

“THANK YOU THANK YOU..and again THANK YOU. Havar Inc. serves people who have developmental disabilities. We are using this program and projecting it on the wall. All kinds of cause and effect learning going on and entertainment too.” - David Miliken

“My 5 yo loves to play with it, my personal favorite is the fireworks, and my 1yo is now hooked on using my laptop…” - Francios Burianek

“When I turned on [PixelWhimsy] for my 1 year old son he got so excited he wanted to climb up to the computer monitor and touch the shapes. I have never seen him get this engaged with a program. He loves [PixelWhimsy]. He draws shapes on it, makes sounds and then shows them to the whole family. Also my 8-year old likes drawing shapes with it.” – Asim Jalis

“I just launched PixelWhimsy and wish you were nearby so I could buy you lunch. It's wonderful … [my 18-month old] woke up late last night, unhappy due to teething, and flipped out over the program. It took his mind right off his discomfort. We have the JumpStart Toddlers program: great for exposure to numbers/letters/etc., but yours rocks for creativity and intrigue.” - Jeremy


PixelWhimsy is available now, and may be downloaded through our
Web site at <http://www.pixelwhimsy.com/>.

About Niftibits Software

Niftibits Software was founded in 2007 by Eric Jorgensen, who has been creating shareware toys, games, and tools for over a decade.

Contact Information:
World Wide Web <http://www.niftibits.com/>
Phone and FAX contact is not available.

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