What people are saying about PixelWhimsy

"We have really enjoyed this program--we've been using [PixelWhimsy] for a couple of months now...it is really a lifesaver for my daughter who is loving to use the computer." - April

"I love the program and my kids did, too." - Adriane, grandmother to 3-year-old twin grandsons.

"My kid loves it!  She will ask me if she can play on it and doesn’t want to get off when I tell her dad needs the computer. " - Jonathon, father of Jessica, age 5.

“THANK YOU THANK YOU..and again THANK YOU. Havar Inc. serves people who have developmental disabilities. We are using this program and projecting it on the wall. All kinds of cause and effect learning going on and entertainment too." – David

"I just launched PixelWhimsy and wish you were nearby so I could buy you lunch.  It's wonderful … my 18-month old woke up late last night, unhappy due to teething, and flipped out over the program.  It took his mind right off his discomfort.  We have the JumpStart Toddlers program: great for exposure to numbers/letters/etc., but yours rocks for creativity and intrigue."    – Jeremy

"My 5 yo loves to play with it, my personal favorite is the fireworks, and my 1yo is now hooked on using my laptop"  - Francios

"It just keeps getting better and better!" - Dillon

"When I turned on [PixelWhimsy] for my 1 year old son he got so excited he wanted to climb up to the computer monitor and touch the shapes. I have never seen him get this engaged with a program. He loves [PixelWhimsy]. He draws shapes on it, makes sounds and then shows them to the whole family. Also my 8-year old likes drawing shapes with it." - Asim

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